You can can eat by us or take straight from the synagogue delicious kosher meals ( parve or meat) , bread, hala,  wine, milk. meat ( chicken, beaf) 

We offer breakfast ( 10 euro/meal), lunch ( 15 euro/meal), dinner ( 15 euro/meal)

Our menu includes:

    Breakfast : 

  • Fried eggs, scrambled eggs ( simple/ with mushrooms/ onion/different vegetables),
  •  Tomatoes and cucumber salad,
  • Humus/ Tahinia,
  • Tuna salad, skhug, shakshuka, home fries
  • Bread 
  • Cake and coffe


     Lunch and dinner:

  • Chicken - snitzel/ snitzel onim/ grilled/ in the oven/ stew
  • Beef - stew/ in the oven
  • Fish  ( salmon, dorada, trout) - grilled/ in the oven 
  • Garnish - rice/ rice with vegetable/ baked potatoes/ mash potatoes/ french fries/  grilled vegetables/ chinese vegetables/ steam vegetables/ spinach
  • Soup of the day - vegetables/ chicken/ carrot/ zucchini
  • Desert of the day - carrot cake/ orange cake/ chocolate cake/ cinnamon cake 


For orders please call Liliana at : 
    +40 021 310 60 66
    +40 742 148 821     

Kosher products 

There is almost no product in Romania that has a kosher stamp. There are some products that are kosher but you have to see the list:


or ask the Rabbi that knows about the kashrut in Europe.

Rabbi Naftali Deutsch  +40-(0)744.313.822
Rabbi Dov Ber Orgad  +40-(0)785.305.790


 For special events and tourist groups we have the following menus:

  Sepecial Menus